Thursday, July 31, 2008


Here's a paddle ball that I painted. It's the Tankinator!! I gave this paddleball to a special younger friend who is as dog crazy as I am. This past year, I learned to play paddleball. Paddleball is hard. I started out doing 5 or less. Then I practiced, practiced, practiced. I can now do over 200 if I'm warmed up. We've been having paddleball tournaments at work. There is one young man who used to be able to beat me. Now, however, I can give him a run for his money. On the Fourth of July, I gave a paddleball to my nephew, Butch. He can now do over 100!! The guy is going to beat me really soon. I find that paddleball, like everything else in life, takes a lot of practice and tenacity. (Did I spell that right?). It's a great stress reliever. I also tend to do it when I'm talking with people. It helps the ADD. CampPupp is leaving tomorrow for camping!! So, I gotta get back to work to get all my paperwork done so I can go on PTO tomorrow.

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