Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My day in numbers

My friend Bookworm did a blog called My Day in Numbers and I just had to play too. So.....

5 - The number of kids I feel I currently have (wife, boys, dogs)

6 - The time I got up this morning

12 - The number of tennis balls under my couch (Labs have lots of balls)

2 - The number of books I am reading right now

22 - The number of direct client hours I have to have each week in order to not get the PRODUCTIVITY TALK

13 - The age of my least favorite animal on the planet. (13 year old girl)

1 - The number of times I looked my keys in the van today

1 - The number of yellow dogs locked in the van with the keys

5 - The number of days that I am behind on my paperwork

8 - The number of days until I go camping

2 - The number of times in the past 3 days that I had spaghetti for dinner. (We had spaghetti then the next day grandma invited us over for dinner. Spaghetti. Good thing we love spaghetti)

2 - The number of therapy groups I ran today

1 - The number of therapy groups that I ran today that were enjoyable

1 - The number of beautiful wives I had dinner with on the lawn of Clark College this evening

8 - The number of years that I have had a beautiful black dog in my life

4 - The number of years that I have had a yellow troll dog who is also beautiful in my life.

60 - The number of minutes I was late picking the boys up from grandma's this evening

3 - The number of times I wish I hadn't started this list because my life seems very boring now

1 comment:

Kris said...

Your list isn't boring at all! What are you talking about? I loved it!