Monday, July 14, 2008

Jenn at the DMZ

Well, here in the states we have the DMV - a nasty place full of ill tempered individuals who want something and they want it now, trying it get it from over worked individuals who just want it to be 5 o'clock. In Korea, they have the DMZ - the De Militized Zone. I'm prolly spelling it wrong and I'm prolly explaining it wrong. If we're lucky, Jenn will read this blog and explain it further in the comment section. The DMZ is the place were the peace talks took place at the border of North and South Korea. There is a building, and a table with a line down the center. There is always, still, a guard standing there. This is Jenn and the North Korean guard. The tour guide warned them, "Don't touch him, because he WILL touch you back." There will be more pictures of the DMZ in my blog as Jenn brought tons of pics home and they look great. I have a ball cap from the DMZ that Jenn brought home. We also have two very BIG Korean drums that now live at our house.

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