Friday, July 4, 2008

Wii is for me not for kids

These are my girls playing on Agate Beach in Newport Oregon. We love the beach but it take forever to get the sand out of the van!

Ok, let's talk Wii. On another post, I was talking with someone about Wii. Mel and Dave got Wii about a year before I did. The minute I touched it, I knew I had to have it. Jenn had bought me a PlayStation II. I like it, but it's not Wii.

On PlayStation, I especially like my Jaws game. I love eating the boats, swimmers, fish, seal lions, divers, sun bathers, etc. I wish that Wii had Jaws. They will someday prolly.

The best thing about Wii that I like is that I don't have to use a tiny toggle switch to get my guys moving. I love that I can use my body and not this stupid toggle thing. I also like to kill things. Killing things reduces my stress level. I love Link's Crossbow Trainer. I have that and Mario Kart and the basic Wii games, including Wii Sports. I also have a dumb Japanese game that has a batch of stupid games, including a sushi game. Mario Kart is very fun but driving games are not my passion.

Other games that I have experience with:

Love Marble Mania. It might be one that I buy someday. Unfortuantely, my Blockbuster doesn't have it so I can't even rent it. I would hate it if I had to play it with a toggle switch.

I also like ManHunt. The guys die well and after a while, you get to go to the sex club. It's fun to beat up the leathermen but it's all very tame.

The first game that I ever rented was House of the Dead. Love it. I love that I can set the violence level to extreme and that I can choose between red or green blood. I don't like that I can't save my place in the game.

Similar to the House of the Dead is Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles. I'll prolly rent it again sometime.

I hated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It was the toggle switch thing. Some games for Wii are just the same ones for the other systems, without any changes. That sucks. I also hated one called something like Must Kill All Humans. Toggle. Hate it. I also did not enjoy Pinball Hall of Fame. I own it for the PlayStation. I felt that the Wii version was the same as the PlayStaion version so I was disappointed.

Speed racer was ok. You can use the steering wheel from Mario Kart. But when I was playing it, I just thought that I could just play Mario Kart instead. I guess I liked the IDEA of Speed Racer because I used to watch it when I was a kid. (No, not yesterday, when I was a BIOLOGICAL kid).

There was a Cranium game that was fun if you had someone to play with. I had also rented Brain Age Academy once. It was ok but I really wanted Brain Age so I was disappointed. Also, it took forever to actually get to play because they made you listen to the idiot guy too much. I haven't seen Brain Age for the Wii yet. They don't have it at Blockbuster. You can prolly buy it though.

Ghost Squad was fun. I would rent that again. I rented it once when I was sick. That's when the room mate found out that despite the fact that I said I liked the Wii because it made you move your body, in a pinch, I can lay flat on my back on the couch and still kill the enemy if I need to!

I rented one of the Call of Duty games. I thought that I would really like it but I had a hard time getting the game started enough to have any fun with it. I can't remember what my problem was.

Boom Blox is the BOMB. Love it love it love it. I finally took it back to Blockbuster so that someone else could play it but I have all intentions of renting it again soon. I like games that are doable right away but that challenge me enough that I can't beat the entire game in a weekend. Boom Blox has many different strategies and games. I would buy it if I didn't have other things on my list first.

I finally got to play Guitar Hero. Love it. I sucked at it. I sucked bad. But for someone who is musically retarded, like me, it was heaven to finally have a glimpse on how it feels to make music. But now, I don't want to buy Guitar Hero. I will wait to buy Rock Band because I also want to play the drums. AND my honey is a singer and I think I might be able to get her to play Wii if we had Rock Band. Of course, we have Mario Kart because she insisted on buying it because she said she liked driving games. I told the clerk no in the beginning and explained that we were more of a "murder and mayhem" kind of family. But she overheard and insisted. I might add that the woman has never even picked up the steering wheel. But, I like it and I'm sure that the nephews will like it.

Dave got a Pro fishing game for his birthday. I played that for a bit. It was fun but I don't know if it would have held my interest long term. I did rent Big Game Hunter. I got bored of it quickly. While I love senseless graphic violence, I just didn't enjoy killing even fake deer and elk. Also, the game was slow to start for me and I need gratification much sooner than it was giving.

Currently I have rented Playground. Very fun. I played it once when Mel rented it. Playground has a batch of minigames including: nerf darts, slot cars, tetherball, wall ball, paper airplanes, basketball, dodgeball, volleysoccer, and some others. Mel and I liked the slot car racing but Dave kept trying to tell us that the object of the game was to cross the finish line and NOT to just knock each other off the race course.

My wish list for Wii is:

Wii Fitness. This is number one on my list. The second I saw Wii, I knew that they needed to do this and they did. They just should have consulted me first :) I think they need a way to put the sensor on your foot or leg and then let you take a walk with the scenery and music changing.

Rock Band

Some kind of game where you shoot things like in a gun club. I want target practice, skeet, shooting gallery, etc. I love duck hunt but I want duck hunt extreme.

Brain Age

Of course, Wii is just a small part of my life. The lawn still needs to be mowed, so I'm outa here.

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