Monday, July 21, 2008

CampPupp Day Three

This is a picture of my girls playing at Agate Beach. CampPupp is in full swing. Sunday we played Wii and PlayStationII. And we watched SIX movies, including August Rush, Juno, and the Simpson's Movie. We ate dinner with chopsticks and burped the alphabet with the help of A&W. We were tired from the day before. Today, junior campers went to Grandma's house for the day while senior campers went to work. Then Senior camper McGruff Pupp got a flat tire and to waste a precious hour at Les Schwab. But I scored two working bikes at Goodwill so we now have wheels. No soap box derby cars yet though. We picked up Alvin and the Chipmonks as our evening activity. I had a bit of a hard time convincing the boys that tools were their friends and that they could pull the front tire off a bike without me. Finally, the desire to ride took over the self doubts and they started without me. Then I went out to help.


Kris said...

This is an AWESOME picture. It's everything I love about dogs! I may have to get a print of this one, even though the picture has labs in it instead of whippets. :0

Pupp said...

Everyone knows that Labs rock way more than whippets :)

Maiden said...

It is a great picture although it would have been better if it were Bernese. Of course if it were Berenese, they would not be in the water. I have discovered that Bernese do not like the water.

Camp Pupp sounds like its in full swing. At my house we are getting ready for camping, so there.


Pupp said...

CampPupp is totally ready for camping! BRING IT ON ! !