Saturday, July 19, 2008

Neopets eat less than labradors

This is TankPupp. He's my little guy on Neopets. Some friends and I started playing Neopets 2,524 days ago. (Almost seven years ago). It's funny watching kids play now after I've played for so long. Some years I barely touch the game. I usually pop up some time in December to get my free Advent Calendar gifts. This year, after getting my Advent stuff, I kinda lingered on. Sometimes I'm just into buying everything new that I missed the previous years. This year I've been working on my bank account. I have a Diamond Deposit Gold bank account. I get almost 200 a day in interest. There are a couple games I play to get neopoints - like Kass Basher and Kou-Jong. I also do several things to get my free neopoints - like the wheel of slime and the daily puzzle. TankPupp is a Gelert that I have used a magic paint brush on to get spotted like a dalmantion. I also added the beanie and the ball. On the game, that ball bounces up and down. Later on, I'll introduce my other guys. I also have a werelupe and a mutant kacheek.

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