Friday, July 11, 2008

Bears potty down at the zoo

Here's a picture of one of MY BEARS at the zoo. I love the polar bears. They are my fav. I especially like it when they are playing in the water. The keepers give them buckets of fish frozen in water. That's fun to watch too. I also really enjoy the Eagles and the Sea Lions. Vancouer Gay Pride is tomorrow so I'm trying to do Bears on the blog until then. We're gonna have a booth there and I'm taking some young people to do free balloon animals for the kids. Vancouver Pride celebration is small but I feel it's important to show up and support it. We're lucky that we have a small celebration over here but also can celebrate across the river at a BIG celebration. Best of both worlds.


Maiden said...

You and your bears. I don't think I knew you had such a thing for bears. When are we going to the zoo? There are two new letterboxes there I don't have. I also want to go to OMSI. When are we going there?

Pupp said...

I also have some very nice pics of the elephants taking a potty as well :)