Thursday, July 17, 2008

The nephews are coming

So, the nephews are coming. They arrive tomorrow afternoon. I've very excited about this. These particular nephews belong to my pseudo sister aka sister in law. I have two other nephews and a niece from my cousin, but I don't get to see them much as they live in another state. I also have pseudo niece and nephew who belong to my bestest pal. I have tons of plans for stuff to do when the boys are here. I'll prolly run them ragged. I'm ok with that. It's kinda my excuse to really embrace my inner child and enjoy the summer. We're going camping for a week - camping, swimming, hiking, arts and crafts, fire building, disc golf, fishing, soccer, etc etc. We're also going to a family reunion with my Great Aunt in Canby. While there, we're gonna play on the Canby Ferry. We're going to the Plankhouse in Ridgefield and while there, visit the wildlife perserve. We're making soap box derby/downhill racers. We're making old fashioned scooters. We have several mountain bikes to get running. I want to do the downtown Portland walking tour of the water features. We'll go to the zoo and to Omsi. We're also going to Shakespeare in the park. Basically, it will be Camp Pupp. I expect that at the end of the three weeks, I'll have to go to work to get some rest. Here's a picture of my nephew Butch on my Honda Shadow.


Kris said...

Where do I sign up? Sounds like a fun program!

Pupp said...

Bookworm - You can sign up for CampPupp anytime!