Sunday, July 20, 2008


One day after work, we saw the Weinermobile on the side of the road at a hotel. We stopped to take pictures because this was the first time that I have ever seen the Weinermobile in person. It seems very odd and maybe a bit stupid, but it was fun and unique. It's very bright and eye catching. The bummer was that the people driving this beast were inside the hotel so we didn't get to see the inside or get our Weiner Whistles!
CampPupp is underway. The first night we worked on the bicycles. I'm afraid that they might be beyond my skills. This sucks because the boys are really into these bikes. I had bought myself a bike at Goodwill. That bike is more rideable. Ok, so that's the one you CAN ride. The others are the ones you can look at, scratch your head, and say "Where did all that rust come from?" Then we watched movies and played Wii. Yesterday, we went to Canby to my Aunt Barb's house for a family reunion picnic. I knew very few people there, but I do try to go every year to support Aunt Barb and Uncle Don. While we were there, the boys got to met, scratch, and give a treat to Tank's Doggie Daddy, Buddy. Then we went for a ride on the Canby Ferry. I remember my Uncle Charles taking me on this ferry when I was 13 or 14 years old. The boys thought it was cool. Then we went to the Oregon City Elevator. . It was done in 1955. Then we went to Mel's house for dinner and swimming. Well, the kids swam while I made my first artist trading card. Then Mel treated us to ice cream at Cold Stone. So far, this morning, CampPupp is still sleeping. Various campers wake up, change spots in the house, then fall asleep again. The only one who hasn't moved is Butch. Hayden is now in my bed, Jenn is in Jett's bed, Tank keeps changing who she is sleeping with, and Jett is with Butch. CampPupp is tired. Mission Accomplished :)

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