Sunday, July 6, 2008

Jenn's afghan

This is a picture of the first afghan that Jenn ever finished after teaching herself to knit and crotchet. She gave it to her cousin, Wendy, as a wedding present.

Busy, Busy weekend on this side of the River. NOT. We stayed home more than we usually do. We didn't do the dishes. We didn't water the garden because God did it for us. We didn't work in the garage. We didn't do the laundry. We didn't bathe the dog guys. We took naps and watched dvds and played Wii and age frozen lasagna. (We didn't cook either).

Today we went to Silver Buckles. They do horse therapy with people. Jenn and I will be doing some volunteer work there. Jenn is a horse person without a horse. And I'm a dog person without a riding lawnmower. So, we'll both get some fun.

Yesterday I went to Blockbuster to rent Endless Ocean. I had researched it on the net and decided it was worth a look. But, dang it, someone had rented it and never brought it back, then just bought it. I really wanted to play with it too. So, I rented Lego Star Wars. It was very cute. I like Star Wars and yo'all could prolly figure out that I'm a Lego fan. I didn't feel well, so I ended up in my beloved recliner and played Wii all day. The game kept my attention. I did NOT like that I had to toggle my guys all around. But, despite that, I was entertained. I took it back this afternoon and now I'm playing Big Beach Sports. So far, it's rather fun. I like volleyball the bestest for now. It also has football, bocce, disc golf, soccer and cricket.

Another note on the Wii. I bought the Wii when I was visiting my mom for Easter and my uncles funeral. My cousin and her family came over several days and played Wii with us. They made their Miis to play during that time. When I got home, I realized that I still have their Miis. It's kinda cool that I got to take my cousin and her family home with me. Everyone once in a while, I get a glimpse of one of them in the background of a game that I am playing. It's nice. I like it.

I've also got my Great Brain working on the upcoming SoapBrat Derby. Please see Dork's blog for more info . So, if you have any wheels that you would like to donate to the cause, please shoot me an email. I have to come up with three of them from our camp. My goal is to have lawnmower wheels for the boys and bike wheels for me. I want the boys close to the ground for various reasons. Arthritis will be a pain for me so I want to be up higher.


Maiden said...

I'm very excited about the Soap Brat Derby. My kids are hard at work. I might rethink my decision to not make one. Craigslist is our friend!

Pupp said...

Freecyle and Craigslist is awesome. I can't wait for this weekend when we might have time to pick up some wheels for the racers. I call dibs on #34 for my racer.