Friday, July 25, 2008

CampPupp at Omsi

Here's a picture of Tank, the Chicken Lover. That's Becky in the mirror. He He, I just saw that. Tank's friend, Kris, gave her this flying rooster. It has a built in slingshot in it. Not only did Kris buy this obnoxious toy for Tank (it makes rude noises and NEVER stops), Kris bought three of them! If you like South Park then you know how funny Chicken Lover is. Ok, so here's another wordie that I made up. CampPupp met up with the Adam's Family today at Omsi.
The kids ran around so much that they fell asleep on the drive home. The older nephew went with his God Mother for the weekend. And the rest of us rented another Futurama movie. I thought we had the new one last time. We didn't . This one is it. We also have junk food and soda pop ready to go. Yeah, Team! Ok a different note, youngest camper has obtained a skateboard. I wonder if I need to stock up on bandaides.

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