Saturday, August 9, 2008

Camp Pupp is Closed for the Season

This is a picture of my fav animal at the Oregon Zoo.
Well, CampPupp is closed for the season. The boys went home with their mother yesterday. After three weeks, including one week of camping, the silence in my life and home is heavenly. I love the boys, but I'm not used to this parenthood stuff. Camping went great. We spent seven days and nights at it. The boys shared a tent and Jenn and I and the lab duo shared the rv. I had two tents but the boys fought so much the first day of camping that I felt they needed more practice being together. Besides, the other tent is a booger to put up. We went letterboxing, boating, swimming, fishing, etc. A boat was rented. It was a very nice, and unexpected treat. Thank you Maiden. We went into town several days and played at a new park that was built. One day we took pizza to the park and stayed several hours. I enjoyed sitting by the campfire and then sleeping in the next morning. Jenn and I enjoyed being together in the little rv with the dogs at night. I would read and Jenn would knit while we hung out. My dogs went to bed very early every evening. When we got home, we all fell down in front of the tv and didn't move! We rented movies and watched tv for 24 hours before even trying to move. The Bee Movie is fun. I give it a paws up. Nim's Island is awesome. We loved it. Gotta love Jody Foster. Two paws up. Jenn and I are now in the middle of watching the first season of Dexter. We love Michael C. Hall in our house. We loved him in Six Feet Under as well. Six Feet Under did the best series finale ever. It was hard to say goodbye to that show. The other show that was hard for us to say goodbye to was Queer as Folk. Both Six Feet Under and Queer as Folk get two paws up, a tail wag and some doggie drool. I can't think of anything higher unless I add in a mangled slobbery tennis ball :)

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