Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Do you ever name your vehicles? This is a picture of my van, Bones. She's named after one of the tv shows we watch. I also know that it's a girl because she has a big safe womb that holds a lot of babies. My beloved truck's name was Clyde. We used to have a Ford Escourt named Marvin. I also used to have another van, when I first met Jenn. Her name was Whoosh because she went Whoooooossssshhhhhh down the freeway. She also had a very impressive womb. I always missed her until I got Bones. I have some skull and cross bones hub caps that Jenn got me for my birthday one year. My plan was to put them on Bones. But they don't fit. I kinda thought that I would decorate Bones with bones - skeletons and skulls. But it never worked out. We now have guardianship of the family RV. I'm working on a name. Maybe my skull hub caps will fit him. Why is it a him? Dunno. Sure, one could say the RV has a womb as well. But I just sense "boy energy" from him.


Maiden said...

I name some of my cars, but not all. My current van does not have a name. I don't know why.. but it just never told me what its name should be. My motorcycle is Ravyn. Dave's truck doesn't have a name either. Horrible thing huh.


Pupp said...

Yep, you suck. (and you don't name your cars either, heheheh)