Monday, October 6, 2008

Ugly Betty

Jenn and I have been watching Ugly Betty on DVD. I give it one paws up. Ugly Betty is about an average girl who starts working for a fashion magazine. She's the real person trying to do her job in a plastic world. We like it because of the positive messages it sends and because we like to watch things that have queer characters, like Marc on this show. Marc is not a positive gay role model, but he is fun in an evil, self serving way. Ugly Betty also has our guy "Rico" from Six Feet Under. Last night I watched American Crime. It's about a real case of child abuse from the 1960's. Critics say that it's not graphic enough. I kinda like it when I have to use my imagination. In this case, graphic scenes would take away from the real message of human suffering. It wasn't an easy movie to watch. But I'm glad that they made it. Sadly, it's only one story of child abuse. There's plenty more out there. The girl at Blockbuster tried to warm me about the movie. I thought it was odd coming from someone 20 years younger than me. Afterall, I'm a social worker to the core. I am familiar with "A Child Called It", which is a book about the worst child abuse case in California history at that time. I think American Crime takes place in Indiana. I give American Crime one and a half paws up.

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