Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sleepy Radar Dog

Here's Tank the first time she had to wear "The Cone". Tank is allergic to corn and gets very itchy/scratchy after eating it. She was so tired from fighting this all day that she passed out. Later on, I'll share more photos of Tank and "The Cone". Tonight we bought a Halloween costume for Jett. Tank will wear "The Greater Dane" costume that we bought and modified several years ago. We don't say Scooby in our house because it upsets Jett. When Jett was a baby, I had a Scooby Doo collection and she would get in big trouble if she stoled my Scooby Doo stuffies. Later on, after I gave most of the collection away, someone gave her a stuffed Scooby and she refused to play with it. If someone says Scooby with Jett in the room, she gets up and either runs to us and leaves us!! So we say "Greater Dane" like they did in the Movie "Good Boy".

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