Thursday, October 16, 2008

Studio Wall

This is a wall in my studio aka our sun room. You can see my pirate flag and some wooden skeletons that I painted. There is also a sketch of the Venus of Willendorf that I did in preparation for a painting that never happened. The other newsprint papers on the wall are other sketches I did for paintings. The sun room isn't the greatest room. It leaks in the winter time and is too hot in the summer time. What I really need is a bigger living room so that I can work and leave it out in progress while still hanging out with the family in a temperature controlled room. The other half of the sun room contains Jenn's craft materials and a study area for her. I really need to get something set up soon though because I think I'll do paintings for my family for Christmas this year.

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Maiden said...

Do I count as family? And do I get to put in my request for what I want painted? If so, I want a picture of the kids with Dobby. If not, I want something feminine and girly. :)