Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More Movie Reviews

Jenn and I watched "The Brave One" with Jodie Foster. Jodie Foster is a favorite in our house. This was a different kind of movie that I would not have expected Jodie to be in. We really only watched it because she was in it. I give it 1/2 paws up. She was wonderful in it but the story line just wasn't our thing. I also don't watch movies where the dog dies. The dog doesn't but it had me worried for a while.Today I watched War of the Worlds II - The Next Wave. I wanted to watch it because I love the other War of the World movies. This one was done by C. Thomas Howell. I like the one with him in it way better than Tom Cruise because I think Tom Cruise is a bigot. But, alas... this get's the one eyed labrador rating. On a funny note, when they were in the alien, it looked like they were walking through a big vagina and I found that amusing. The ratings on this were awful. DBTteen that I cofaciliate at work, we often talk about the movie "Mean Girls". So, I finally had the chance to watch it. I like Lindsey Lohan. I really hope she stops hanging out with the Hilton Hos and becomes a real person again as I have enjoyed a lot of the movies that she is in. I loved Freaky Friday with Jamie Lee Curtis. Jamie is also another big fav in our home. Mean Girls gets a paw up. And perhaps a bit of a tail wag because I just liked it.


Maiden said...

Hey, you're slowing down in your posting. What happened to a post every day?? Hmmmm?

Let's get on with this dear heart. I know, who am I to post, I've only been posting once a week or so. BUT, I am all caught up from camping.


Kris said...

I'm with you. I don't watch it if the dog dies either.