Friday, September 19, 2008

My mom

This is a picture of my mom and Tank at her house. Mom's house, not Tank's. Obviously this picture was taken around Christmas. We don't get to California as much as we used to. However, we still try to be there for Christmas. My mom is the most progressive thinker in my family (except for me, I suppose). This is the first house she bought herself. It's a small little three bedroom house but seems to be the perfect size for her. I think the spare bedrooms are about the size of my bathroom. My yellow monster loves the grandma. I don't know what it is, but Tank just loves the heck out of both my mom and Jenn's mom. My dogs are allowed on the couch at our house. They think that grandma has dumb rules. They can't figure out why they can't get on her couches. They know they are not supposed to. And they are sooo sneaky! They will be on the couch ... we'll even sit down next to them and pet them ... even talk to them... then suddenly we'll remember that they aren't suppose to be there!

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Maiden said...

Dogs are pretty smart that way, even labradors :)